For a Baseball Fan

My oldest will be celebrating his 34th birthday in less than 2 weeks. Where does the time go? I am not sure when he became a baseball fan, but I suspect as a toddler. Like most little boys whatever Daddy likes, they do, and his dad is a big baseball fan.

The same year I made this quilt for his sister, I made this quilt for Tom. I remember trying to come up with an idea of what to do. This was back before internet, and quilting books and patterns, at least that I could find. When I found this fabric I finally decided that the fabric did all the work and he would love it. DSCN5184 DSCN5185No frills quilt, but well loved. It is torn and worn and faded in many places and Tom would like me to fix it for him. Some things are best left alone. I told him to cherish it as it is – well-loved.

I love that he still cherishes this and that the ones I make for his children he handles with great care. I’m still trying to convince him they are meant to be loved and used, not put up for safekeeping. Hopefully the next ones I make for his little ones, he will let them use them. That’s my intent anyway.

How do you want your quilts handled? Are they all for show or are some of them to be loved to pieces?

Looking back on the Journey, Jackie

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  • Susan Owenby

    If you cant wallow with it, let the dog lay on it, and wash it bunches, it isn’t one of mine! 🙂 I love show quilts, I really do, but my favorites are the ones that have been very loved and very used.

    • Jackie

      I agree. I am replacing a binding on a well-loved quilt for someone and you just can’t beat the feel they have after many years of use.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts

  • val

    My quilts are to hugged, dragged, washed and well used!! LOL!!! LOVE that!!!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Val,

      I love that he values the quilts I have made for him and his kids. What more could a quilter ask for?