Cardinal Star

This is another look back at previous quilt projects and I am linking up with Jenny for “Throwback Thursday.”

The motifs in the quilts and pillow were part of a fabric panel I probably bought 8 years ago give or take a year.

This quilt is 26 x 26 and is hanging in my living room.

These two mini quilts are 9 x 16 and are in my hallway. DSCN5167_wm DSCN5168_wm DSCN5169_wm

And a pillow. DSCN5170_wmWhile this was not the first project I did when I picked up quilting again, it was one of the first projects I did with quilt shop fabric. I had heard that the fabric in a quilt shop was of higher quality than the big box stores. After I did some research I took the plunge and bought this fabric. I have not looked back.

If you are new to quilting I can’t stress enough that the quality of fabric matters. I know there are times when the cost may not be suitable for the application/use, but whenever possible I would encourage purchasing the best that you can.

Thanks Jenny for the push to post previous projects.

What Christmas quilt/project do you still put out after many years?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie