Birthday Quilt for My Baby

My daughter’s birthday is this week and she is no longer a baby. In fact her 4 boys are no longer babies. This quilt was actually made for her when she was 3 so she really wasn’t a baby then, but isn’t your youngest always “your baby?” Where did the time go? P1190892_wm

When look at this quilt, I can remember the designing thoughts that went through my head and I am still pleased with the variety of heart designs I was able to incorporate into the quilt.

This is one of my earlier first quilts, back in the days of cereal cardboard templates and scissors. Before computers to print out neat uniform lettering and shapes. And before I knew you could quilt on a home machine. For that I am glad as my children have quilts that were hand-quilted by me. P1190905_wmAnd there sure is a lot of quilting in this. I remember knowing that 10 stitches to the inch was considered the “ideal” spacing for your stitches and I struggled with that. Now I know that using flannel had a lot to do with my struggle. 
P1190904_wmHappy Birthday Baby, I love you and I am so proud of the woman, wife and mother you have become.

Proud on the Journey, Jackie

Linking up the Quiltin’ Jenny for Throwback Thursdays. Thanks Jenny for the chance to post and look back on my quilting journey.

  • Quiltin’ Jenny

    Such a sweet memory! Thanks for linking up. I can’t believe you hand quilted flannel. That is a labor of love.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jenny,
      Take into consideration the hand quilting flannel took place before I knew any better.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
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