Weekend Vacation Sewing

I have a ton of projects in the works. Too many to list, though maybe I should. And yet this weekend I started 2 more. Sigh.

But there are reasons for my insanity, truly there are. One, I wanted something easy to bring to sew in case I had time while we were away. I also wanted everything to fit in my sewing case, which it did.

This one is a pattern that I had in my head that I thought was time to put to fabric. Earlier last week, I had a lengthy phone call scheduled and I planned this as my cutting project while talking. Result, pieces all ready to pack and sew.

DSCN5028_wmThis is using Connecting Threads fat quarter fabric. I didn’t cut it all up so I have more to cut and sew to make this larger but I like the design so far. I would change how I cut and sew in the future, but I wasn’t sure how my final layout would end up so I deliberately cut it into more pieces than it needs to be. If it ends up being large enough, I have a recipient in mind.

This next project was actually started at the “mini” retreat my local sewing center hosts each month. The morning time is an official meeting of show and tell. Then the afternoon is for those of us that want so stay and learn a new project shared by a member. We rotate as instructors and type of projects. This month was fabric bowls.

DSCN5031_wmI am still fine-tuning this technique but I am enjoying the process. I plan to make more as they will be Christmas gifts. The clothesline I bought was very narrow, so I plan to purchase something a little thicker and play with that option as well.

Sidetracked on the Journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    You had a productive weekend. I really like that quilt design.

  • Susan Owenby

    Looking good!! I really want to cut some pieces for cathedral windows so I just drop a few in my purse and have them handy for whatever down time I run into. 🙂