Noah’s Ark


This is one of my favorite quilts. As with most of my quilts, I start with ideas in my head, play with those ideas, cutting fabric, sewing, pushing it aside and starting the process over. This one only had one “restart” before the design clicked, probably because of the simplicity. I also think the simplicity is why I like it so much. I also like the bright colors.

This was made for my grandson Noah before he was born.  He is now five and in kindergarten. Just where did the time go?


The embroidery is from Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design. DSC04146_wm

I quilted “waves” in the bottom half of each block and “clouds” in the sky. DSC04148_wm This quilt will be well preserved. My son treasures the quilts I have made so this one is in storage (which reminds me I have to tell him how to properly store it) so it will not get ruined. I’m making a quilt Noah can use and wear out.

Love you Noah, I know that someday you will treasure this as you have your Dad’s sensitive spirit.

Looking back on the Journey, Jackie

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  • Kati R.

    Such a lovely quilt! I’m also drawn to the 3-color sashing, it looks so cheerful.

  • Susan Owenby

    awww, that’s so sweet and lovely work! 🙂

  • christaquilts

    This is adorable!

  • val

    As you and I have said before, time does go by too fast. This one looks like it washed up real soft and cuddly!