Out of This World Selvage Edge Quilt


This like many of my quilts started out with a different plan in mind. And in this case for a different child. I am making quilts for my daughter’s 4 boys and the 7-year old is the one that needs one the most, and I fully intended that this would be Colson’s quilt. However, design and size changed so it is for the next one down the line, Caiden, who is 5, since it is more his size – 45 x 54.

I started this while camping last month. After sewing strips together, I cut them into squares on the diagonal:


I’m saving the triangle pieces for another quilt for one of the boys.

I used black for a border to frame all the busyness of the blocks. On the back I used a gold solid as it’s Caiden’s favorite color.

This is my first quilt on the log arm. I went for a space theme and drew out a space ship, planet and stars that could be done free motion without stops. There are many fat space ships, planet’s that look like someone sat on them and stars that got tied up into knots. I figure a 5-year old won’t care and I have to start quilting sometime.

DSCN4954_wmI used a variegated gold Aurifil thread that blends into the top and bottom and pops on the star-stitched border.DSCN4953_wm

I had company while shooting the photos of this quilt. They didn’t seem to care that I was a few feet away with a camera.

DSCN4951Caiden, I hope you like your quilt. I had fun making it. Grandma

Enjoy the Journey

  • Sandi Colwell

    Caiden is a lucky boy! Love the quilt and the quilting! Congrats on the maiden voyage with the long arm!

  • Susan Owenby

    whoa! Super cool! I love it and your company 🙂

  • Anita

    Lovely quilt!

  • Paula Hughes

    These looks so great together! Were they hard to stitch? Great job on the fmq too. Looks like you are a natural:)

    • Jackie


      It wasn’t hard to stitch at all. I just overlapped the finished selvage edge about 1/8 inch on the unfinished edge of the strip before. Biggest challenge is not going too skimpy on your overlap which I have a tendency to do. Thank you.

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