An Old Log Cabin

Jenny over at Quiltin’ Jenny is hosting Throwback Thursday each week. It’s inspired me to get my act together and post pre-blog pictures so I have more of a history of my quilt works through the years.

It was a log cabin quilt that I spotted in a magazine over 30 years ago that sparked my quilting interest. The quilt in the magazine was made using velour fabric in rich dark colors and I fell in love with it. I priced the fabric and decided that it was too rich for my blood. A year or so later I spotted a wall hanging kit in the fabric shop which resulted in my first attempt at quilting. Given that I wasn’t good at following directions when it came to seam allowances (as a garment sewer up to that point, 1/4 inch seams made no sense to me).

Move forward a few more years and I came across the log cabin pattern again. I again went looking at velour fabric, decided it was still not for me, so I bought calico’s which was popular at the time.

First Log Cabin

It was machine pieced and hand quilted. It rested for years on our bed, until it started to fall apart.

First Log Cabin

Here is a close-up of the front, you can see my stitching as well as the faded fabrics:

First Log Cabin

The back of the quilt:

First Log CabinI would guess the fabrics 30 years ago were not as well made as they once were since this one has not held up well.

Tattered and worn but still treasured.

What is in your life that you could describe that way?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Nice way to hang and display a “tired” quilt. Too bad fabric doesn’t last forever, but using and loving a quilt is the best honor.

  • val

    Thanks for sharing under our hand quilting theme this week Jackie!!

  • val

    LOL! RIght…somedays ya do begin to feel like a worn out quilt. This one was fun to see….and that it now is displayed.