Student Spotlight-Graduation Quilt

Rhonda’s first quilt was this t-shirt quilt for her daughter’s graduation.Rhonda's T-Shirt Quilt

The hardest part for Rhonda was sneaking the shirts out of the house unnoticed and then deciding on what t-shirts to use.

Hiding or stuck?

Rhonda's T-Shirt QuiltIt was decided to creatively cut all the shirts so as many could be included as possible and the best way to get them all into one quilt was to apply them with double-sided fusible interfacing.

Rhonda's T-Shirt Quilt

Basting on my kitchen floor.

Rhonda's T-Shirt Quilt

This is Rhonda’s first quilt and while she hasn’t pieced a quilt yet to really know her favorite part of quilting, she did decide that she loves free motion quilting.

Rhonda's T-Shirt Quilt

One of her quotes, “This must be a quilting milestone, I have used up my first spool of thread.”

Rhonda T-Shirt Quilt

Rhonda describes “meandering” as “dead men.” Do you see them?
Rhonda's T-Shirt Quilt

For me the best part of this was seeing Rhonda’s excitement each week as the quilt slowly came together. Double bonus for me, her daughter was thrilled.

Didn’t she do a great job!

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie