Student Projects for September

Judy attends my once a month Saturday class so while she is making really good progress on her quilt, she gets discouraged on the amount of time it is taking. I have to remind her each time that she only sewing a couple of hours a month and it is a king-sized quilt!

This month she started on her binding. 500 inches of binding is a lot as she soon found out.

DSCN4636 web_wm

Kathy has sewn and quilted for the Veteran Quilt Sew-ins that I hold each month and it appears the quilt bug has bitten so she has joined and started on a small paper pieced project.

DSCN4637 web_wm

Dianne is contemplating her next step on a baby gift.

DSCN4272 web_wmDSCN4437 web_wm

Rhonda likes to live on the edge so she was working on a last-minute project that she finished up at home.

DSCN4525 web_wm

While it may seem early to be planning for Christmas for some (certainly not the department stores), it is not too early if you are making your gifts and we have a lot of that going on. With that in mind, the pictures will have to suffice.

Nita’s projects, she has a great head start.

DSCN4348 web_wmDSCN4522 web_wmDSCN4706 (640x479)_wm DSCN4640 web_wm

Barbara has started on a few gifts as well.

DSCN4714 (640x475)_wm DSCN4707 (640x471)_wm DSCN4527 web_wm

Have you started any of your Christmas projects yet?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie