September Veteran Quilt Sew-in

Last night I hosted the monthly sew-in. Our current project has been quilts for the “We Honor Veterans” organization and they are going to a local hospice care facility. Last year on Veteran’s Day Sunday we presented 12 finished quilts and the goal is to have 12 more for this year. Current total is at 10. I suspect we could have 2 more finishes next month to meet that goal.

A few pictures from the night.

Not looking so good…DSCN4626_wm

How do we REALLY feel about un-sewing…DSCN4631_wm

Playing with layout…




Working away…DSCN4629_wm DSCN4622_wm DSCN4619_wm DSCN4613_wmAnd a finish!

DSCN4632_wmThank you, Ann, Bernice, Kathy, Lucinda, Marji, Mary and Rosie for helping out.

Dianne, Kim, and Stephanie you were missed and I hope to see you next month.

For previous posts on what we have done each month visit the “We Honor Veterans” page.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie