Selvage Edge Coaster Tutorial

I made these a few weeks ago and posted over here. 

P1230086 (640x597)_wm

This is a type of “quilt as you go” project, that is a great way to use your selvage edges.

These finish at 4 inches square.

For a printable PDF file of instructions click here: Selvage Edge Coasters Tutorial

Materials needed for each coaster:

  • 5 inch scrap of batting
  • varying lengths of selvage edges
  • 1.5 x 1.5 inch square of fabric for center block

P1220989 (640x473)_wm


Fold your batting in half both ways to find the center:

1-P1230010 (640x540)_wm

Place your 1.5 x 1.5 fabric square in the center of the batting, right sides up:

P1220991 (640x572)_wm

Take a small length of selvage and place the finished edge along one edge of your center piece. Make sure you are covering the raw edge of your center fabric.

P1220994 (640x583)_wm

Sew close to the finished edge of the selvage, I sew about 1/16 of an inch:

P1230008 (640x480)_wm

Work around the block adding a selvage edge to cover all 4 sides:

P1220997 (640x489)_wm

Continue in the same manner until your batting piece is covered.
Be sure to cover the raw edges of your selvage strips.
You will want to use wider selvage strips near the edge to allow for the turning seam allowances.

P1230016 (640x480)_wm

Placing your center square on point will result in this look:

P1230045 (640x496)_wm

Trim your coaster and backing fabric to 4 1/2 inches:

P1230048 (640x528)_wm

Place your backing fabric right side down on the top/front of your coaster:
P1230018 (640x480)_wm
Leaving a 2-3 inch opening on one side, stitch 1/4 inch all the way around the coaster:

P1230022 (640x488)

Turn the coaster right side out:
P1230025 (640x490)_wm

Poke out your corner and press to the edges, turning under your opening:
P1230050 (640x480)_wm
P1230026 (640x480)_wm
Top stitch close to the edges, be sure to catch your opening so it is sewn shut.

P1230029 (640x542)_wm

What do you do with your selvage edges?

For more tutorials clink on the Tutorials page.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie