Selvage Edge Lanyards

Take a few selvage edge strips.

DSCN4491 web_wm

Okay you don’t need this many, mine have been left alone and seem to have multiplied.

Add a little bit of lace or ribbon.

DSCN4497 web_wm

A button here and there.

DSCN4492 web_wm


And you get this.

DSCN4498 web_wm DSCN4503 web_wm

I’m hooked. I need more doodads to dress mine up some more. More ideas to crowd my brain.

What’s inspired you lately?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Susan Owenby

    Lovely! I dont keep the selvages, but love the projects people do with them. 🙂

    • Jackie

      I have a hard time throwing any fabric out. Wish I had more time to do more with all those bits and pieces.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts