Goodbye Carl

Carl Lee Aubrey 1939-2013

Today Carl, your friends and family, in the midst of laughter and tears will celebrate your home going while remembering the life and the legacy you left. I am sorry I will miss it.

You had a quiet but powerful presence of peace and God’s love. I remember the words of encouragement you would write out on the visitor/prayer cards and hand to Greg and me in our early days at Southwood. They were nuggets of gold, a treasure I placed in my heart. I am sure you did not know how much those meant to us. We were on a new journey then and we didn’t know what the coming days would hold.

I am camping this weekend and of course I have my sewing machine and fabric with me. It was on a camping weekend several years ago that the quilt I made for you was started. I didn’t know at the time the quilt would be for you, or even what the final quilt would look like. But as often is the case, the fabric and the pieced quilt top does the speaking. The fabric dictates the design, once pieced; the top tells you how to quilt it. While the quilt isn’t the typical memory or autograph quilt, that’s what it evolved into. Once I knew the purpose of the quilt, my prayers become more purposeful for you and Crystal.

While packing for me trip, I came across some squares of fabric I decided to throw in the mix to bring. I know now that this fabric will be my next prayer quilt. I don’t know the pattern yet, nor the recipient. In will be in your dedication. It seems fitting as you were a man of prayer. You taught us how to live and die with grace.

Rest assured that Crystal will be well taken care of and prayed for in your stead. In the meantime, I know we’ll all see you again someday.The legacy of faith you left behind will not be forgotten.

Still on the Journey, Jackie

  • Quiltin Jenny

    Beautiful tribute! So sorry for the loss of your friend.

  • Sherrie Garnett

    Beautifully said, Jackie. Carl was a wonderful gentleman, I was blessed to see him the last time I sang with the old praise team at Southwood, think of him often as he was always out there smiling and singing along. Such a dear, dear person! I sure wish I was in KC this weekend.
    You condolences to you and others whose lives were touched by Carl.

  • Sandi Colwell

    Sorry for your loss, Jackie. Your words are beautiful and very moving. He sounds like a wonderful man.