Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Happy Anniversary Baby, this post is for you.

It is hard to believe it was 10 years ago yesterday that your dad walked you down the aisle. I remember when we went shopping for the fabric for this quilt. You had such a good eye for color that I had yet to develop. I was just excited to be making a quilt for you.

 It was in the days before I knew that quilters were using their sewing machine to quilt, so it is hand quilted. I loved adding each stitch. I worked hard to have it completed for your wedding shower. I knew the quilt wouldn’t be a surprise but having it done in time was. Since you are a mom to 4 boys you won’t have a daughter to pass this quilt down to, but I am sure God will bring the right daughter-in-law into your life or possibly a grand-daughter than will cherish a handmade memory.

Love you, Mom

  • Diane

    That is such a lovely post, Jackie. And a lovely quilt!

  • Carole Wool

    What a beautiful love letter to your daughter. I am move by your obvious affection. Thank you for sharing this!