Moving on Down

I talked about the change in space and remodeling of my basement in “Trading Spaces, Part 1″ and “Trading Spaces Part 2“, now for the reveal.

Here is a quick glance of my move from a small 2nd floor bedroom to the basement. I loved the space I had upstairs, it was cozy and oh so wonderful to have a space totally dedicated for my sewing. Once I realized I wanted to teach more than one person I knew the space would not be sufficient.

Old space (12 x 14):

DSC_4895 (531x800)

DSC_4894 (800x531)

I used every inch of that space that I could and still have room to move. It was large enough for a cutting table that I could walk around, my desk, sewing machine, serger, embroidery machine, ironing board and storage containers and shelving for fabric, thread, books etc.

DSC_4919 (800x531)

DSC_4900 (800x531)

DSC_4921 (800x531)

New Space (20 x 26):

Come on InDSCN3589 (800x600)

More details on my set-up and storage and re-purposing of items. While I have bought new items for the space initially, I made do with what I found in other parts of the house. I also have dreams of more changes but that will come in time.

Where do you sew?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Elita@Busy Needle Quilting

    Well done, Jackie!

  • Ada Kopitopoulou

    Lovely space! My space is too small to teach, so I do it in the living room. A lot of moving furniture every time!

    • Jackie

      My first space was so tight with one other person we had to practiacally move out of the room to let a person by.

  • Susan Owenby

    Looks fantastic and ready for some learning! Congratulations!