Cathedral Windows

Work has been crazy busy, long days and more work at home. It has left little time for sewing. I had a bit of time last night and first thing this morning to sew. So did I work on any of June’s projects? Other than a little on the Project Hope quilt, I have to say no.

Hope QuiltInstead I worked on a “club” project that I missed (work of course) on my own.


This is made using a “fake” cathedral window technique. It took a few stops and starts on my part to figure it out, but once I did it went fairly quickly. It finished at 12 x 12 so I am not sure if I am going to make a small pillow or wall hanging.

Why I started a new project and one with a new technique after crazy crazy weeks, I don’t know. The fabrics had already been cut as I planned on attending the club class. I think because I thought I could quickly get it done and feel as though I have finished something was what motivated me. However. I still need a pillow or quilt backing to call it done.

Busy days and evenings are taking up my time, how about you?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie


  • Sherrie Garnett

    Love it!!

    • Jackie

      Thank you, once I figured it out I was pleased with the process.

  • Susan Owenby

    Wow! That window thing is cool! I dont think you can go wrong with whatever you decide to do.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Susan. Pillow it will be. I think. 🙂

  • Stephanie Boon

    Lovely choice of fabrics 🙂 Will make a striking cushion, fab!