Trading Spaces, Part Two – Painting

I moved from a small bedroom space to a decent size basement a few years ago. The story of how it started is here.

I have a lot of allergies which includes paint and the same two friends that helped tear up the room were willing to paint and oversee the installation of flooring while I was on vacation. (I am very blessed).

Here are the pictures to show the fun and antics I missed out on:
Disclaimer, no one was hurt in the painting of this room.





Painting this could not have been fun:
Hum-mm, I wonder why she didn’t use a ladder….


Only one wall is the purple and when they were painting it, they called to warn me that it was really purple and that they were sorry. I should never be trusted to pick out paint colors (I can hear my husband saying, “amen” to that). I can work with color when it comes to fabric. Not so much with paint. Fortunately, shelving and tables cover up much of most the walls so it doesn’t overpower the room. Phew!

And the flooring, before:


and after …….:

PaintingI choose a commercial grade, high traffic flooring, that would be easy to keep clean. No carpet for pins to get trapped and fabric bits to cling to.

While not all the lights are on in the pictures above, my husband added several extra panels in the ceiling. The one thing I would do over, is to add even more lighting. Once the room was filled with work spaces, quilts, shelving etc. the light that bounced off the walls in an empty room now is absorbed.

Soon, the before and after…

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Elita@Busy Needle Quilting

    What an awesome room! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  • Susan Owenby

    Wow, good friends indeed! I think the purple is OK without the stuff. It might be a killer if it was on all the walls 🙂