Happy Birthday Noah

Noah turned 5. It is hard to believe how quickly children grow up. Grandchildren grow up even faster if that is possible.

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In lieu of presents he was collecting “single serve” non-perishable foods for an organization that feeds the homeless. He was however very excited to find out I made him a present. Now, as he said, “I have one like Grace,” his sister.

Here is Grace’s before the ribbons were added. I don’t always think to get pictures and if it hadn’t been for a friend, I wouldn’t have the ones I do with Noah. Thanks Kathy!

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It was thrilling to have someone you love, at such a young age, be excited that Grandma made something for him.

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Love you Noah,



  • val

    I love these Jackie! ANd yes his smile is worth every stitch! Thanks for rejuvinating this at Tuesday Archives! :)V