Trading Spaces, Part 1

The start to this journey began over here when I started teaching.
I need start out by telling you I had permission to move into the basement i.e. the future billiard room (man cave) for my husband. Now while I had the go ahead, it wasn’t a priority on his list because of the extensive work involved. It was a “some day” project.
One night, with the help of two friends, (or partners in crime) we ripped out the carpet and tore off the paneling and wallpaper in the basement area while my husband was gone for the night.

Before: (take note of the wood stove opening, transformation later)

Studio Remodel
Studio Remodel
Studio Remodel
Studio Remodel
Hard at work:
Studio Remodel Studio Remodel Studio Remodel Studio Remodel
Hard at rest:
Studio Remodel
Studio Remodel
Hard at play:
Studio Remodel Studio Remodel

At one point I had to call my husband to ask how small the carpet pieces and paneling pieces needed to be in order for the garbage men to take them. Of course he was suspicious  Very suspicious. I reassured him that all was well and there was nothing for him to worry about.

Needless to say he was surprised when he returned home, but then not really, I’ve been known to do things like this in the past.

The walls and floors were ready for patching:

Studio Remodel

Within the next few weeks my husband patched walls, installed more lighting and we picked out flooring.
While on vacation, those same two friends come over and painted and watched the flooring go in. But more on that later.
Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Susan Owenby

    Good for you! Those projects are always a good time. 🙂

  • Diane Rincon

    Now that’s how to get it done!