My Teaching Start

DSC_4895 (531x800)
I started teaching sewing in my home by accident. One Sunday morning someone noticed a small purse/bag I was using they asked if I would also make one for them. Another young woman also asked if I would also make her one, but I knew she had received a sewing machine for Christmas, so I told her I would show her how to make it.
Front view of two samples I still have:
Travel Purses
Inside view:
Travel Purses
Back view:
Travel Purses
 My “studio” at the time was an empty bedroom turned sewing space, that while crowded was heaven to me. To have a space to call my own after years of dining room or corner space sewing was wonderful.
DSC_4894 (800x531)
Space was tight and adding an extra person made it even more so, but I found it to be fun and rewarding. My one student encouraged me to consider teaching others. Only problem was space.
DSC_4900 (800x531)
 Discussions started regarding moving my space to the basement: 
DSCN0101 (800x600)
More on the process of trading spaces in future posts.
Enjoy the Journey, Jackie
  • Susan Owenby

    Great story! thanks for sharing! I added you to my bloglovin feed to see where it goes. 🙂

    • Jackie

      Susan, thanks for stopping by. I’m hoping to post at least once a week about the transition and transformation of my studio.

  • Jackie Jr.

    I kind of miss that little room. I still don’t know how everything fit. It was 4 years ago, yes?

    • Jackie

      It is going on 4 years. I can’t say I miss that tiny room. Can’t imagine going back to it that is for sure.