Dresden Plate Dilemma

I need help.

Is this one, or two quilts? The start of this is over here.

Let’s just say I still don’t know what direction I am headed.

Here is a set with all 30’s prints:

Dresden Plate

Here is a set with coordinating solids for every other one:

Dresden Plate

Here they are combined into one set:

Dresden Plate

Do I make one with alternating blocks or two?

I like all 3 options for different reasons.

What is your preference and why?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Robin- ormondbeach quilts

    I vote for 2 separate quilts- or can you find a sashing that blends the 2?

    • Jackie

      I do plan to use sashing and if I do one quilt, I will use one of the prints as the main piece with a solid as a cornerstone. At least that is my thought at this point. Decisions….

  • Jackie

    I like them all for different reasons and the last option surprised me. I didn’t think I would like it.

  • Sandy H

    I’m leaning towards the combo package–I think each sets off the other so you notice them more. Putting them individually as two separate quilts means I just sort of look at the whole piece quickly and feel like I “get it”; as one quilt, I find myself looking more closely at the individual plates, if that makes sense, and then backing away again to see how they look together. The colors all speak to each other, not compete at all. In a nutshell, I think the combo platter (get it, ar ar ar) is more interesting. And BTW, you’re making me a fan of Dresdens!

  • Diane Rincon

    I agree with Sandy. The combo gives the quilt more sparkle and interest, more of a story.

  • CeleOOKIE

    I’m going to go against the norm in the comments section. I think they look better separately. I prefer pastel quilts to not get too dark.

  • Maria Caprile

    I thought I would like them separate until I saw the combo layout. That looks great! The colors are so similar that I think making two quilts would really be making the same quilt twice, for all intents and purposes.

  • The Sassy Quilter

    I love the combo layout!!! Definitely one quilt:) Great job by the way.

  • Karyn Low

    I really like the combined layout, it just seems to make the plates pop more. Great work!