When Stitching Goes Bad

On Monday’s post (Too Much Fun) you saw the results of good stitching.

Quilt It Challenge-April

Today not so much.

This is when it is not so good:

P1180892 (800x600)_wm

Well the stitching is not so bad – on the reverse side:

P1180896 (800x600)_wm

However on the front…

P1180879 (600x800)_wm

As someone in my class would say, “It’s a hot mess.”

One worth ripping out:

P1180881 (800x600)_wm

I am not liking this quilt as it is anyway. It is too… something…. too bright, too must contrast  just too much. The recipient will love it and the stitching wouldn’t bother her. It does me. A friend said it looked like someone took a dark ball point pen and started doodling. She is right. Certainly not the look I was going for.

So I will be putting these to use, for a good time to come. Good thing I don’t have a deadline on this quilt.

seam rippers

Have you had any “hot messes” on your hands lately?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    I like the quilt, but I can see what you mean by the quilting being too bright. Did you want the quilting to stand out like that?

    • Jackie

      I didn’t intend for it to stand out that much! It overpowers the quilt. I kept going thinking it might grow on me. It just means I have more stitching to pick out.

  • Kati Rozsnyo

    I don’t particularly see it as a hot mess, Jackie! I’m not a found of the dark blue thread, I think it overpowers the quilt. I think if you did the same stitching in lighter thread it will be totally fine!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kati, I am not fond of the thread either. A not so fun learning experience.

  • C.S. Weaver

    I wouuldn’t say it is a mess of any kind. I think it is totally amazing!

    • Jackie

      Thank you.

  • Dianne

    Are you sure that horse hasn’t been by yet? He wouldn’t notice it THAT much lol.

    • Jackie

      I think if the horse passed by it would stop dead in its tracks.

  • Patti Leal

    for what it’s worth, i think the thread color tones down the brightness of the fabrics. i love thi quilt. maybe set it aside for a couple days and then go back to it. patti

  • Sarita

    Eu gostei, tudo que é inusitado, é bonito, pois ninguém fez nada igual. Desmanchar porque?. Gostos são diversos, e certamente poderá comprar este trabalho exatamente por este efeito caneta. Boa sorte e parabéns.

  • It’s so nice when people are happy to share their ‘mistakes’ (or dislikes!), it makes me feel human!!! For what it’s worth I don’t mind the blue on the blocks, but I would use a white on the sashing 🙂 Look forward to seeing what you decide to do!

    • Jackie

      Stephanie, Thanks for stopping by.

      Right now I am still working on taking out the stitching. Haven’t decided yet the next step. I will be using the seam ripper for some time.