Wednesday’s WIP’s

Dresden Plate:

P1180911 (800x600)_wm

and the piecing….

P1180837 (600x800)_wm

and more piecing……

P1180814 (800x600)_wm

This one is on hold. I need backing:

P1180913 (594x800)_wm

This was in prep of large amounts of quilting, that has now turned into a sad story and unsewing, but more on that later:

Purple Thread

This was a quick “thank-you” gift:

P1180771 (600x800)

I need to start a new quilting project because I am distracting myself:

P1190026 (800x565)_wm

Now that I have taken inventory of what I have going on, maybe it is time to ponder the next project.

What WIP’s are on your Wednesday agenda?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Kati Rozsnyo

    I LOVE the quilt top that needs backing! Just simply adore it! so pretty! Nice distractions :))) And oh, the pretty Dresdens! You can never get enough of them! 🙂

  • Sandi Colwell

    Everything looks so fantastic! I love to see your work. The key fobs are really cute and the quilt top is gorgeous!

  • Diane Rincon

    Dang, I guess one of my Wednesday UFOs was to comment here; now it’s Thursday. I’m moving along on a Hexie project, but no other fun sewing. It has been good for my spirit to continue to process what I will do for my Project Hope Online Quilt Project. I did make phone calls, something I procrastinate on. Jackie, what kind of camera do you use? Your photos are outstanding. Your staging is quite artistic. Btw I see you decided which way you decided to go with the Dresdens. Nice.

  • Been to tied up with the flower garden this past week. Want to sew to tired lol love the string piecing with the dresden)plate. Going to try that one out ty for the share 🙂

    • Jackie

      Thank you all. My head always has more ideas than it can execute.

      Diane, these pictures were taken by a friend. I am sure if you look at other blog posts you can see a difference in the quality- mine and hers.
      Still not sure on the Dresden plate quilt. I am just going to make more and play with options.