Too Much Fun- April Quilt It Challenge

There should be a law against having this much fun doing this:

Quilt It Challenge-April

I love love love machine quilting, (I use my domestic machine).

Kitty Pearl and I started the “Quilt It Challenge” this year to help motivate each other to improve and expand our machine quilting skills. Details on the blocks for April/May/June are here.

This is my April block quilted. The only thing I would redo is the border. In fact I started to rip it out and then decided to finish it. Telling myself the point of this exercise is to practice, learn and grow and not having it “just do” or “perfect” was okay.

Quilt It Challenge-April

While the border is not what I envisioned, it was a learning experience. It was a little tricky filling in odd spaces and lines with the feathers as I moved around the border. Great way to  practice.

I’ve also learned something about myself. I do better with smaller designs. That makes sense when I compare that to my handwriting. When I take the time to write legibly my handwriting is very small. So quilting small seems to fit me.

Regardless, I am having too much fun.

If you would like to join in the fun, hop in at any point.

What is your favorite part in the quilting process?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • That’s gorgeous, Jackie!

  • Kati R.

    How beautiful! You know what Leah Day says: If you keep ripping out stitches you’ll only get good at ripping, but not FMQ-ing. And it’s true! You made the right decision :))

    • Jackie

      Thank you, I like that saying. Though I have a big mess on another quilt I will be ripping out.

  • Daphne Lewis

    The quilting detail on this is simply amazing!

  • Lorna McMahon

    Great job, Jackie! Nice to see you are having fun… That is the point, right? I love your little circles!

  • Kathy Vogt

    You are so talented!!!

    • Jackie

      🙂 Thank you!