Hosting a Sew-In Part One

No sewing this month.

Instead of quilting tonight many of the sewists are busy with:

Waiting for a new grand baby
Attending a teen event
Helping with a teen event
Out with an injury
Two out with an illness

I thought I would post what I did to get these women quilting even though they hadn’t quilted before or in some cases even sewn.

To make it easy on me and all of them, I started with cutting an assortment of fabrics into 2 1/2 inch strips the width of the fabric.

P1110807 (600x800)

Squares 8 1/2 inches:
P1140982 (1280x607) (800x379)
Ignore the fact that some of the seams are sewn incorrectly, it happens to the best of us.

Five inch squares:

P1110749 (800x710)

Some “cheater” fabric:

P1130854 (800x600)

Mary 3And most importantly, chocolate:

Chocolate (652x800)

My plan was to have pattern options based on how difficult or how much sewing the women felt they could handle.

The previous posts of our progress can be found on the We Honor Veteran’s page.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie