Living Room Studio

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I recently came across 2 singer machines in cabinets at a fraction of their worth. I was looking for an inexpensive way to have more machines for the women that come to work on donation quilts. Most of the women did not sew before they started coming so they don’t have machines. P1160650 (800x600)_wm

My sewing studio is in the basement and there are times when I wish I had a machine upstairs in the living room when I have brief moments to sew. This 1937 Singer 99 fit the bill so I brought it upstairs. The project I am working on has no deadline so it is perfect.

P1160641 (800x461)_wmYou can see a glimpse of my hammered dulcimer behind it. I wish I could play it, but I spend very little time practicing. Too many things on my wish list and too little time.

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In addition to having a machine set up in my living room, I have a hand sewing area for a doll quilt I am working on. This is another slow quilt as I only piece a few every couple of days of so.

P1160972 (800x600)_wmI am blessed to have a sewing studio in my basement in addition to this set-up. I know that if I didn’t have all the fancy machines and tools, I would still quilt. I started out tracing using cardboard templates, cutting with scissors, hand piecing, and hand quilting.

These quilts will take a long time at the rate I am going and I am a driven goal orientated person. Having these projects remind me to slow down and realize it is not about the destination but the journey.

Are there any slow “journey” quilts in your life?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Quiltscapes

    Oh, how I remember those templates cut from cardboard .And no batiks! How did we stand it?

  • Diane Rincon

    That’s how I learned to quilt, Jackie, and hand piecing the blocks. Our teacher taught us well, so I know how much your students appreciate you. I’m glad you have this cozy spot in your living room. And that journey is the most important thing for me.

    • Jackie

      I love having all the new tools, machines etc. and I have to limit the time I spend on hand piecing/quilting but I sure do like the slow pace it brings to my day.

  • val

    Having a basement studio I sometimes wish I had a machine upstairs too….hmmmm….you motivated me to look at my space to perhaps make this happen. THanks Jackie.

    • Jackie

      Just be sure you don’t do what I did, which was sell it. Someone fell in love with it and out the door it went.