Creative Prompt – West

Last week’s Creative Prompt by Jaye over at Artquiltmaker was “west.”

Generally it takes me a while to ponder what I want to capture. This week was different.I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  My “west” is the sun setting in the west.DSCN3758 (768x1024)

This reminds me of a campground I would go to and spend 4 days on a “mini sabbatical” by myself. Watkins Mills is a state campground about a mile north of us, far enough to get away and close enough for a few days trip. Severe allergies have prevented me from doing this in the past several years, and I sure do miss those times.

There is a 4 mile trail around a lake and on one end of the lake the view is open. I could sit in the morning and watch the sun rise in the east and at the end of the day, I would sit on the other side and watch the sun set in the west.

When you are on your own, and there are no other distractions you notice the sounds in a new way. Did you know in the morning the sounds are crisp, bright and start slowly, with an intent to wake you up. At night, it is just the opposite. The sounds also start slowly but they are slow, low and rhythmic, increasing until they meld together – natures’ white noise, to lull you to sleep.  Peace.

Take time to watch the sun set or rise one day this week.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie