Creative Prompt – Capture & Spill

Jaye over at Artquiltmaker posts a creative prompt each week. Here are my drawings for “Capture” and “Spill” that she posted a few weeks ago:


DSCN3718 (958x1280)

and Spill:

DSCN3721 (823x1280)

I’m not sure I like drawing yet. Most likely because I am a perfectionist and there is nothing perfect about my pictures. Oddly enough I don’t keep working at them until they are “perfect.” What you see is what you get. No drafts, practice pieces or warm-up drawings. I draw what is in my head and hopefully it is recognizable.

I know the exercise is good in many ways:

It is helping me get over myself
Not everything needs to be perfect
Learning new skills will stretch me
No one needs to like it
My worth is not based on how well I do

Have you done anything lately that is outside your preferred creative outlet?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie


  • Jaye

    Good for you! it is great that you are not doing drafts and are just putting what you see on paper. You will see improvement, but if there is a suggestion of what you are trying to convey, then it is successful. Thank you for participating.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye,

      The push to move outside my comfort zone is good. It can be frustrating to have a picuture in your head that doesn’t look anything like what you drew. 🙂