Under My Needle(s)

Weather has shut down my office the past two days, and while I am working some from home, I also have more time to sew.

So I have been puttering in my studio.
Low key
Much needed

I have taken this opportunity to work on Kimberly Einmo’s Crafty’s Mystery Quilt. While I don’t care for mystery quilts, I am finding this one relaxing. It has been nice to work on a quilt where someone else has done all the thinking. Since it is a mystery quilt, I can’t post pictures that would give it away, so here are two pictures of different sections I am piecing.

Under my piecing needle:

DSCN3691 (1280x960)_wm

DSCN3694 (1280x1240)_wm

Also under my piecing needle is my leader/ender Veteran’s quilt. This one will be exactly like the first one I made and their will be enough squares I think for a third. When I do a leader/ender quilt, the entire thing is quilted as a leader of ender, including the longer seams. I figure it doesn’t matter how big the piece is. 

DSCN3696 (1280x1113)_wmhave several quilts that need quilting. This one I have set aside to ponder how I want to quilt the outside border.

DSCN3622 (1280x960)_wm

While I contemplate quilting options, I have been working on my “Quilt It Challenge” for February. I really like practicing new designs on a small project, no stress practice.

Under my quilting needle:DSCN3687 (1280x1262)_wm

Finally I have a hand project (well more than one) that I am concentrating on.

Hexagons. I started a neutral quilt with the 3/4 inch hexagons and realized I might want to start with a small quilt – doll size.

In my hand piecing needle:

DSCN3699 (1280x960)_wmSo what is under your needle?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Thanks for giving us a peek into your day!

  • Valerie

    So glad you enjoyed your Snow Days. Really great feathers!