Back to the Drawing Board

I just started cutting into a fat quarter bundle with little planning. I got to this point and realized I wouldn’t have enough cream.
P1150592 (1280x1280)_wmI bought some pink and blue to add to my options:P1150658 (1280x886)_wm

Looks great on the wall, not so much when I tried different options:

Sashing strips:

DSCN3627 (1280x960)_wm

Or added a new piecing option:DSCN3625 (1280x960)_wmI finally decided that I needed more cream, which I plan to order, and just do rows of on point squares:

DSCN3629 (1280x960)_wmI may offset the rows for more interest:

DSCN3633 (1280x960)_wmIn the meantime, I will be using one of these:

P1120783 (1280x960)On these:

DSCN3641 (1280x960)_wm

How often do you find yourself starting over?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Not very often… I only use the seam ripper when I get towards the end of a project. I get too excited, don’t pay enough attention to what I’m doing, and sew only the longest seams in a project the wrong way around. 🙁

    • Jackie


      Thanks for stopping by. Once I get going and know the direction I plan to go I tend not to have to use a seam ripper, unless I am tired or I work on something too long. Then I tend to get careless.

      Having to unsew the longest seam is so discouraging.

  • Claire Alexander

    I sort of liked the blue and pink sashing, but I do like all cream much better. And I like it offset. As to ripping out–I do so when I can’t think of a way to keep a mistake and make it look “right.” I don’t know that I have ever changed design plan in the middle and had to rip. I usually spend too much time looking before I sew–but the end result of that is that I haven’t sewn when i change directions. 🙂
    BTW do you own all those seam rippers?

    • Jackie


      Many times I make great plans and then change midstream. I have more ideas on this quilt, most likely there are more changes in the future. Part of the process.


      • Claire Alexander

        I had a new insight about ripping out this morning when I got fussy and ripped two squares that were 1/16 off. The earlier in the day and the farther from a deadline, the more likely I am to be fussy enough to rip. That has to do with seams meeting, though, more than redesigning…