Quilt it Challenge – January’s Block

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The purpose and “how to” in this challenge can be found here.

I thought this challenge would be easy, manageable  less intimidating. Not so much.I have a habit of getting in my own way and this was no different.

Mind you this was designed to be practice, and I wanted to practice before I started on my practice block. I would say my perfectionism was getting in the way. And while I didn’t practice, I did rip out, and wanted to rip out more. Sigh. But I learned a lot, about the process and myself.

I do start with a “warm-up” piece of fabric, to test the stitch tensions and get my rhythm down. As you can see this is a well used piece.

P1140999 (1024x768)_wm

I started with simple lines that I quilted by sight and wanted to learn to quilt well regardless of the directions.

Up and down:
P1150065 (1024x768)_wm

Back and forth:

P1150079 (1024x768)_wmP1150029 (1024x768)_wm

For the corner triangles I just quilted a curve from corner to corner. Careful planning enabled me to do all 4 corners without traveling over previous stitches or cutting thread.

P1150085 (1024x768)_wmI ended up putting the quilt aside for a few days while I considered how to quilt the border. I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before.

I choose a simple loop up and down and back again. I used registration marks so I would be fairly consistent. in size. After doing two sides I tried quilting without the marks and it showed. So I ripped out, added the marks and quilted.

P1150169 (1024x705)_wm

P1150101 (1024x989)_wmP1150108 (1024x969)_wm

  • Perfect no, but that isn’t the intent of this challenge.

  • Next month, same block, new designs.

Come join Kitty Pearl and me, as we work towards a wholecloth quilt. Grab the button on the right side of my blog if you have your own blog.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    Nicely done, and interesting. The variety of patterns is not too disparate. They work well together.