January’s Veteran Quilt Sew-In

collage_2013-01-19_11-27-15.pThis post is brought to you by the women I have the privilege to laugh and have fun with each month. Last night’s sew-in was no exception. Though we had a small group we had fun. Kathy, our photographer  was sitting in the top right picture top corner sewing when she wasn’t taking pictures.

Here are pictures and quotes from the evening:

I think this is what they call “operator error,” I think I need a drink (of water that is):

P1140998_wm (1280x960)

Whoops I see a problem here, I guess I just love using the seam ripper so much I had to go back to it. Note: seams going the wrong way.

P1140982_wm (1280x607)Marji is anxious to branch into new patterns, using leftover strings: 

P1150014_wm (1280x796)

Mary was seen doing this:

P1140994_wm (1244x1280)

To keep from doing this:

P1140995_wm (1280x960)

  • I bought a new machine on Ebay though she doesn’t have a name yet. Chewbacca is my old machine because when you sew it makes noises like Chewbacca.
  • It will be a long long time before I will make friends with this machine.

While there was a lot of seam ripping going on, there was quite a bit of progress.

Until next month’s sew-in – Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    Why will it be a long long time before you make friends with your new machine?

    • Jackie

      That is what someone else said. She is not a sewer though did bring a machine she bought years and years and years ago when her children were small, hoping to sew for them. She comes for the fellowship and cause, not so much because she loves to sew.