Quilt It! Challenge Getting Started

qi PicMonkey Collage 150 (1)As I mentioned in the previous blog post, one of my goals this year is to make a whole cloth quilt along with increasing the collection of free hand quilting designs while improving my skills. I may not have a long arm quilting machine, but I do know there is a lot more I can do.  Kitty Pearl from Road Home Quilting is joining me and together we are going to encourage each other. You are invited to join us and for details click here.

Here are my blocks for this first quarter:Depression Blocks

I originally planned to use different colorways for each block, but once I got cutting…
I also added a 3 inch border, I want a larger space to practice border quilt designs.
This month I may use straight line quilting for one block. It will give me time to contemplate  designs for the next two months.

Not only am I excited about a plan to improve my skills, I am curious to see how different designs will impact the overall look of the block once it is complete.

Come join Kitty Pearl and me and practice a little bit at a time….

Enjoy the journey, Jackie