Quilt It! Challenge

Last November Kitty Pearl on Twitter from Road Home Quilting and I were chatting about the quilting on this quilt from Sew Kind of Wonderful:

 And if that doesn’t impress you, here is a picture of the back:

We both expressed an interest in making a whole cloth quilt and since the holidays were fast approaching we decided that after the first of the year we would encourage and challenge each other to make a whole cloth quilt.

Well it’s the first of the year and as we talked we decided to open the challenge to others who may want to join in the fun. The project is broken into bite sized pieces.

Here is the overview.

Each month you will quilt a 12 inch quilt block with a 2 inch border (total 16 in sq) with any design desired. That quilt block will be quilted 3 months in a row using different quilting designs on each block. That will allow play time with different designs to see how they visually impact the block as well as improve your skills. Three sets of blocks will be completed, ending with a whole cloth quilt to finish out the year.

There is a Threadbias “Quilt it Challenge” group for you to post your photos and describe your quilting decisions.
Be sure to check out the Quilt It Challenge Inspirations Pinterest Board for for inspiration of amazing machine quilting styles.

The blocks chosen can be found on the About.com Quilt Block Patterns. Make sure you choose the 12 inch block size if there is more than one option.
Also remember you are making the block 3 times.

January-March block is “Depression.”


April – Jun block is “Sarah’s Choice.”

Sarah’s Choice

 July – September block is “Reverse Capital T.” 

Reverse Capital T

October – December – Your choice whole cloth quilt.


Grab the button on the sidebar and join in on the fun. 

Kudos go to Kitty Pearl, for designing the badge.
Post your progress on Threadbias.
See what others do with the same block.
Get new ideas, gain new skills and meet other quilters.

What quilting skills do you hope to practice?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Kati R.

    Ok, that’s some extremely impressive quilting. I always fell for whole cloth quilts! Yours just took my breath away as I saw it. Great job!

    • Kati R.

      Ahh, if I read the first few rows… It still looks amazing! I’m curious what you guys will do with the blocks! I might just join in for fun!

      • Jackie

        You should join us, I just hope to improve what I do now and add to my skills.

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