Other Quilt/Sewing Goals 2013

In addition to finishing the quilts I came into 2013 as posted here, and my list of quilts I hope to start detailed here, I have a few other quilt/sewing projects I plan to do.

First on my list is to do surgery on this Minky bear, and yes it is a bear:

DSCN3447 (768x1024)

There is a story behind this bear, but that is for another post.

This past year I played with the idea of quilted cards over here.
I bought this fabric specifically for Christmas cards for next year:

DSCN3421 (1024x546)

An ongoing project will be working on the Lucky Stars Block of Month hosted by Don’t Call Me Betsy. While this could be under the quilt fabric goals, I am not sure what fabrics I will be using.

I embroidered these 2 years ago, hoping they would be part of a Christmas welcome banner – 2 years ago, and then again in 2012. So hopefully this is the year!

DSCN3449 (933x1024)

I really had fun making these felted needle books and I think a few more are in my future:

Felted Needle Books

I also want to make a collage type miniature quilt, inspired by this: 

There are many other ideas just floating all over the place in my head that I haven’t captured yet. Then there are the quilt skills I want to learn or improve on.

Are you still thinking over your 2013 goals?
Enjoy the journey, Jackie