BDSI Results

Last year was my introduction to Twitter sew-ins was on Black Friday (#BFSI). Next was Boxing Day (#BDSI) and New Years Day (#NYDSI). I have found joining in on the fun is a  good mix of chatting and sewing and sharing pictures. Yesterday was no different, though I didn’t do that much chatting or sewing. I think I was just enjoying a leisurely day with no Christmas deadlines.

My main goal was to work on this quilt for Hurricane Sandy victims.DSCN3414 (1024x768)_wm

I forgot how long it takes to baste a quilt. I decided to spray baste this time even though it is a large quilt (84×96). This is the first large quilt I have spray basted as I usually pin.  A deciding factor on how well it worked will be how the back looks when I am done quilting. I am using Golden Threads paper for my template, drawing out each design, which I find works best for me even though it takes more time. I didn’t make as much progress on this as I hoped and decided I needed a break. I also have come to the realization I most likely will not finish it in time for the deadline. I want to enjoy making this quilt and that means slowing down. I am sure the quilt is meant for someone, if not for Hurricane Sandy, then someone else. I am okay with that.

For a change in pace, I decided to determine a direction for the Veteran quilt I am making. I have lots of 2 1/2 inch squares being generated from a Sew-In I host monthly. Details on that can be found on the “We Honor Veterans” page.

In prep for this Sew-in I cut 2 1/2 in strips of many fabrics that the women used in several ways to piece together simple quilts. I am using the left over pieces though I discovered some challenges. I had sewers (and some sewing for the first time) with various skill levels, different machines and different 1/4 inch widths. That meant some of the left over strips that they had sewn were not all the same size.

P1140521 (1024x638) - Copy

I have been piecing together the squares and strips as leaders and enders for some time now into 20 piece strips. When I started sewing the rows together, I couldn’t get the squares to match up. At the beginning of the row, the matching up wasn’t too bad but as I continued along the difference became more apparent. Time to seam rip

My next thought was to put a solid strip in between each pieced row. P1140521 (1024x638)

While that will work, I didn’t like the look. Time to seam rip again.

I discovered that I could pretty much made a 4 piece strip fit before I ran into problems so I decided to make 4 x 4 blocks and use sashing. That meant more seam ripping as I had many 20 piece long strips. DSCN3420 (1024x972)

I had difficulty with squaring up some of the blocks, but I adjusted the placement of my sashing to make them work. DSCN3417 (1024x652)_wm

I cut 1/1/2 inch strips for the sashing and I like that it doesn’t take away from the blocks.

I am about 1/2 way completed with this top as it is lap sized.
A somewhat productive day, but very relaxing.
So what were your BDSI projects? Are you pleased with the results?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    Trust you to solve that problem with the Veteran’s quilt, and in an attractive manner. I need to start doing leaders and enders also. I sew onto and off of thread bunnies now anyway. Glad you had a good BDSI.

    • Jackie

      Thank you, I was frustrated at one point and ready to through them all out, but after a few days (weeks) away from it, I realized I wasnt willing to let a few 2.5 inch squares do me in.