Snowflake Ornaments

I have made these in past years as small gifts, thank-you’s, package decorations and to sell. This year, many will be going to the Sandy Hook “Welcome Winter Wonderland” Project. The project is not limited to machine embroidered snowflakes but those of you that do have an embroidery machine can download a free snowflake pattern from Embroidery Library.

Here are some I have made in past years: 
Most of the designs shown in the next few pictures are from Criswell Embroidery.

P1010070 (1024x768)_wm

P1010100 (1024x768)_wmP1010073 (1024x768)_wm P1010072 (1024x768)_wm

The top photos were taken by my good friend Kathy Vogt.

This is what I have started this year:

DSCN3293 (1024x768)_wm

These snowflakes are from Embroidery Library:DSCN3335 (1024x768)_wmNot all of these will go to the Sandy Hook school. As in the past they will be small gifts, tags and to be sold. I have several dozen made already so there will be plenty to share, plus I will continue to make more. 

For those of you with children in the house, now is a good time to have fun making paper snowflakes to share.

I can’t imagine the loss in the Newtown community but I’m praying that the recipients of these snowflakes will find a glimmer of hope.