Grace, Three, A Cutie, Determined and a Survivior

This really is a post about sewing so bear with me. 🙂

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago today my granddaughter, Grace, was born. She was 10 weeks premature and the fighting spirit she needed then has stayed with her. I made a quilt for her parents (it is theirs for now, I am sure she will treasure it later) with pictures of her in her NICU days:

Grace Quilt Resized

She may become a sewer/quilter as early on she wanted to be with me sewing.

Here she is at 18 months sitting on my lap wanting to sew:

DSCN0085 (954x1024)

Here she is just over two years:Too young to Sew 3Here she is recently sewing a quilt for her baby doll: (story here)
1 Grace

We’re a lot alike. She looks like I did at her age, she has the same spunk, and while I am no longer 3 or  a cutie, I’m determined and a survivor. I can’t help but wonder if she’ll be a quilter. I won’t push it on her and when we sew, I stop before she wants to be done so she is left wanting to do more. In the meantime I’ll cherish the moments I have with her on my lap. Next project, I don’t know, she is talking about another quilt.

Happy Birthday Grace
Love, Grandma