Final Play Date

If you follow Sandy over at Quilting For the Rest of Us, you are familiar with her Total Color Tuesday posts where she is playing with color. This week was the final play date with this color series. You can check out her post for details.

I have chosen to focus on the first part of her color study where all the colors come to play together. I put together two options from my stash.

My first option:

I tried to pick out fabrics using the center as my focal point and to me it is evident I am trying to make it work. The more I looked at it the more I realized I would not be happy with a quilt made with these fabrics, so I decided to try again with a different focus fabric.

My second attempt:

This one I love and I could see myself doing a fun quilt with these prints.

I also started thinking about quilts I have already made and wondered if I have any quilts that I have made that have all the colors and came up with these:

Hugs and Kisses:

Doll Quilts:

While the colors are small-scale pastels and lack the boldness of the color swatches above, they still contain all the colors of the color wheel.

It has been fun playing with color in new and different ways. I know I tend to get into ruts with my thinking so this has been a beneficial exercise for me. A good way to end the year. Thank you Sandy.

What have you learned about color or other quilting elements this year?

  • SandyH

    Thanks so much for playing along with all of these posts, Jackie! I had fun watching what you did with them. I certainly learned a lot doing this and look forward to my design study group spending more time on color using a different book in the spring. I’m going to really push myself to do some small projects (low commitment!) using color combinations I might not normally use.