Reversible Shawl

I started out sewing doll clothes by hand, and then clothes for myself at 10 so garment sewing is not new to me. However, I prefer to make quilts. In spite of knowing that about myself I still have fabric for garments.

This, deep chocolate-brown textured woven fabric was purchased for a shawl:

And this was bought with a skirt in mind:

Please note that I have had both fabrics for years, along with several patterns that I could have used, waiting in a bin for inspiration and/or desire to take over.

This week I was helping a student layout and cut a shawl that she was making when that desire and inspiration hit. I decided to use both fabrics and make a reversible shawl.

While I may have liked the printed fabric for a skirt several years ago, it no longer fits my style so I am happy to find a use for it. This is a win-win. I now have a brown shawl for work that I have needed for some time, and I was able to use fabric I already had on hand.

The most difficult part was working with the stretch in the print and loose weave in the solid. The most tedious part was the seemingly endless seam. I did a double seam to help with the fray. The top is finished with an edge stitch to anchor each side.

While this was easy and fitting was a non issue, I will happily go back to my quilting.

Thank you Dianne for letting me borrow your pattern piece to cut this out.

What have you recently finished that satisfies you and now you are ready to move on?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Bonnie

    Great idea…a new garment with no recent expense! I think the print is beautiful. What garment do you want sewed? I prefer garment sewing – I don’t have the nice tables and space like you do for quilting.

    • Jackie

      I have been waiting to lose weight before I invest too much into sewn garments. Once I do, I may custom fit and then sew my own.

      Quilting, while sewing, is really a different set of skills and rules.

  • Bonnie

    Just found a bin of quilting cottons on Craig’s List today for $20.00, plus another bin thrown in for free! My mailman wasn’t as good as yours, but a good deal anyway. Said they come from a smoke-free home. Will drive up on Monday to get it.

  • Carol

    I’m with you on the garment sewing. So many times ill see a fabric and think oh that would make a really nice such and such, but quilts are so much more fun. I need a friend like Bonnie:-)