Zirafah the Giraffe

Today’s blog is brought to you by Sandy from “Quilting for the Rest of Us”. It really is a result of the question she asked regarding the quilt that gave us the most grief and/or mistakes. As I was responding I realized it would make a great blog post. This post is a little longer than usual, but hopefully you will enjoy or relate to the story.

I have a friend who loves and collects giraffes and when I saw the Zirafah pattern by Bigfork Bay Cotton Company, I just had to get it. Now being true to myself, I didn’t buy the kit because I hate to spend money (I’ve gotten over that – at least when it comes to fabric) and I thought I had fabric at home that would work. Mistake #1.

I discovered that when I got home I didn’t have the fabrics I thought I had, and I am not sure what possessed me to believe that I did in the first place. At that time in my life I tended to purchase just enough fabric for the quilt I was working on. So what silly notion was in my head to think I had extra fabric lying around. I’ve gotten over that also, somewhat. Mistake #2

So, for the next few months as Christmas was drawing nearer, I searched for fabric whenever I had the opportunity. Did I buy the “possibilities” noooo, not me. In typical fashion I would decide again and again why different fabrics may not work and I reasoned with myself that if they didn’t work I would have bought fabric for no reason. I REALLY have gotten over that. Who needs a reason to buy fabric?  Mistake #3

Panic started to ensue as the holidays were drawing near, and I finally decided to really look at what I had and order online. Of course being true to myself again, I only ordered what I thought I needed. Silly me, mistake #4.

Finally I was ready to start, and I decided that it would be a good project to take on a trip as it was small and portable. I dutifully had labeled bags for the pieces and I was all set. Do you know what happens when you have several tiny pieces laid across your lap and various other parts of your body to keep them organized and suddenly the car you are travelling in stops quick. You guessed it. Mistake #5.

Finally the fabrics were cut, labeled and spread out on a flat surface that would not move :),  and I was ready to start. The only problem was I could not figure out where the pieces went.  I spent days working on it. I told myself again and again that I was not a ninny and I should be able to figure it out. I almost threw it in the trash (that was one mistake I didn’t make). In total frustration I contacted the company and asked them how they expected someone to put it together without some sort of placement guide. I was told the pattern should have had one, they apologized and sent one right away. Wow, what a difference that made – imagine that!

Finally it was finished!

But I’m not done yet, guess what I found when I was putting all the fabrics away – you guessed it,  the placement guide. It ended up in the bottom of the bin under all the fabrics I had chosen not to use. Boy did I feel silly.

So what have you recently learned from your mistakes?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Bonnie Terrey

    Is that the one you made for Judy Veigl? I think she’s the one who likes giraffes. You should get an “A” in persistence on this this project. This sounds like the chicken wall hanging and now my daughter is just using it under some tubs that store arts & crafts items. I’ll have to get the dowel & help them hang it myself, except they live in MN.

  • Diane Rincon

    I’ve learned to laugh, for one, readjust and move on. Also, when I carry a project in the car, I don’t use pointed scissors just to cut thread, etc. That is just too dangerous, especially in stop and go traffic.

    • I can’t say I have learned to laugh at myself too much yet, but I do chill better than I used to.

  • Carol

    To funny! The way I see it two things came out of this experience – a beautiful quilt – well done, she must love it. AND it got you over that buying fabric just for the project business. And you are waaaaaaaaaaay over it 🙂

    • Jackie

      She does love it, and yes, I am WAY over buying fabric. Thanks