A “Whoops” or New Design Element

Bath wraps for two of my grandchildren:

This project all started one weekend while watching two of our younger grandchildren, Noah, 4, and Grace almost 3. Grace after her shower wanted to do the same thing with her towel that I did with mine. I use a large chip clip to hold the towel in place. You have to understand the towel I had for her was twice her size so it wasn’t going to work, but anyone that knows Grace, knows that she is one girl that knows what she wants, when she wants it and she made her wishes known. I may not have had a solution for her at the time, but it got me to thinking.

The next time I saw the two of them I took measurements. Noah, wanted to know why, I told him it was a surprise. He told me that he “needed to know and I should tell him.” 🙂

I purchased hand towels that would give me enough room to overlap at the front several inches and I figured I could shorten the one for Noah since it will wrap around his waist.

I used an embroidery design that I had and added his name. I put in the elastic and velcro. Perfect!

Then it was time to make the one for Grace.

For some reason when I put the towel in the hoop, I thought the design was going to stitch out in a different direction so I turned the towel to make sure it would sew out correct, whoops.

I debated for a while about just buying another towel. Instead I went to plan B.

 Here was my chance to use both her favorite colors in one project.

I cut off the one edge of the towel, added the pink, and appliqued the embroidery back on.

Looks like it belongs doesn’t it? I won’t tell if you don’t.

This was an unplanned Christmas gift, and in spite of my mishap, I am pleased to have them completed in plenty of time.

Are there surprises for some specials ones in your life that you are working on now?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Valerie

    Really like your save on this! We’ve all been there. These are cute!

  • Kati R.

    Cute designs, I love this idea for the kids! Bet they’ll like their special little towels 🙂

  • carol a.k.a. landscapelady

    I like the fabric on there better than without – brilliant save!

    • I love it when a “whoops” turns out better than planned.