November Sew-in Con’t

Pictorial journal, cutting to design wall to chain piecing:

Quotes from the evening:

“How close to the corner do I get before you come over and help me miter?”

“Oh, I think something is not right… oh, it’s because I don’t have the foot down.”

“Why are you on the floor, you don’t have to kneel to pray”…response, “I had 2 bobbins and now I only have one.”

Talking to self… “Let’s see if we can do this…”

“Watch your finger, needles bite.”

What’s this called again? me… “Chain piecing”.. response… “Oh that sounds like a bad thing.”

“Have you thought about how you want to quilt this? response after much laughter… “Do you know who you are talking to?”

“Knee lift, move, start, knee lift, move, start, knee lift, move, start, this could entertain me for days.”

More pictures:

Some close-ups:

Previous pictures are here, and the page for more of the story is here.

Progress may be slow at times, but we are still getting quilts done. Last week in time for Veteran’s Day 11 completed quilts were given to the Chaplain that is presenting them to the veterans.

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    Looks like you are really getting a lot done!