Hop, Skip and a Jump

Is it color party again over at “Quilting For the Rest of Us” and this week we are skipping.

Pick a color, skip a color, pick a color:

This is a commissioned project I just finished. The two playmates are the borders and binding, blue and violet.

Here is a close-up as I was sewing on binding:







Next at play or if you are ambitious, pick a color, hop two colors, pick a color:

Blue/Red-Violet, Red/Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange/Yellow, Orange/Yellow-Green

 I think my favorite combinations in the above sets are the  Red/Yellow-Orange, and Red-Orange/Yellow.

Finally, pick a color, hop two,pick a color and JUMP to the other side: 

I think this is a striking combination.

Your turn…

Do you have any favorites?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie