Floor Tiles and a Quilt Pattern

The colors for this quilt started as a
“I can do purple and yellow together, and no one can stop me!”
I tend to be a little stubborn. 🙂

I started to blog about this over here, with very little progress since.

For some time I have been collecting yellow and purple fat quarters with no pattern in mind. Until one sleepless night. I noticed the floor tile pattern in my kitchen.

I knew then it would become the pattern for my yellow and purple quilt.

I made a couple of changes to eliminate an inset seam and still keep a lot of variety in the pieces.

I choose 10 fat quarters from each color. I cut strips 4 1/2 inches wide to yield 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch rectangles and 4 1/2 inch squares. From 2 1/2 inches strips I cut 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch rectangles and 2 1/2 inch squares.

Let the piecing begin!

What have you made lately as a personal statement?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • landscapelady

    I immediately thought of my favorite poem when reading your post (love your idea!)

    When I am an old woman I shall wear purple. ( or make a yellow and purple quilt)
    With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
    And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.

    I shall sit down on the pavement when I’m tired
    And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
    And run my stick along the public railings
    And make up for the sobriety of my youth.

    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
    And pick the flowers in other peoples’ gardens
    And learn to spit.

    You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
    And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
    Or only bread and pickles for a week
    And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes.

    But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
    And pay our rent and not swear in the street
    And set a good example for the children.
    We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

    But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
    So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
    When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

  • Sandi Colwell

    LOL Love the poem, Landscape Lady! Jackie- the colors are fabulous. Reminds me a bit of the quilt I’ll be making for Lindsey but it will have some green in there too. Can’t wait to see progress.

  • AJ(TheQuiltingPot)

    I have seen that floor pattern somewhere and thought that would make a good block! Thinking about making a block from a pic of my unit crest…80% piecing/20% applique. Still in the thinking phase though.