Button Button, Who Has the Button?

Remember the candy buttons you would eat off of a strip of paper when you were a child? They have grown up….

 November 16th is National Button Day – who knew? Our office is sponsoring a button guessing contest for our organization  and food is a universal prize so it was very fitting to give away candy buttons to the closest entry.

I planned on taking my large jar of buttons:

Until I started to count them. It was then that I reconsidered my plan. Why worry about taking in a large jar when I could bring in a smaller one? Besides I was getting tired of counting.

So this is the jar I am bringing in.

It is 4 inches high, and 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 square. And why would you care about the size? It would be a reference for a more educated guess.

I thought it would be fun to sponsor a give-away on my blog. On Friday at midnight, the one who enters the closest guess will also receive buttons.

Though instead of candy buttons, I am giving away real buttons:

So how many buttons do you think are in the smaller jar?

Do you collect buttons along with fabric?

Enjoy the journey and join the fun. Jackie

  • Nita

    I guess 275. See you tonight.

  • Landscapelady

    How can I pass up a chance for more buttons? I really have to make a button quilt or something. My guess is 300 😉