Resource Room Report

Once a month my local sewing machine dealer hosts “club.” We share our sewing projects with each other, ask for input, ideas etc. It is not limited to just quilting and I am amazed at the creativity of others.

At club “stash” is considered a dirty word, instead we all have a “resource room” (or two). A couple of weeks ago I gave a stash report and since I am not in the habit of using bad language I will now refer to my fabric count as my resource room instead of stash 🙂

 Also since I am not in the habit of lying, I figured I needed to update my count sooner than later as I discovered a couple of bins with projects I forgot I had. This count only includes quilt shop fabric which means the 2 unopened bolts of fabric in the picture above is not included. I have boxes of fabric for students to use and donation quilts and I don’t want to go there. I am sure you understand. That is my 2nd resource room.

So where 2 weeks ago I had 308 yards of fabric and 59 precuts I now have: 

Charm Sets  53
Honey Buns  4
Layer Cakes  6
Dessert Rolls  2
Jelly Rolls  2
Panels 11

1/8 cuts 138
Fat quarters 556
1/2 yard cuts 91
1 yard cuts 154

Total Precuts 78
Yardage totals 342

This group includes 1/8 cuts which I have plenty, along with panels that the first count didn’t include. I will show in a future post how I fold, store and manage my resource room.

Do you have a stash or a resource room? 🙂

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

p.s. I really am on a fabric diet so hopefully in the next few weeks this number will dwindle.