Opposites Attract and a Trio

Sandy is back with Total Color Tuesday.

I have a set of “cheat fabrics” for this study that make this easy:

This week is about choosing a color, its opposite and two friends, one on either side. Purple and yellow are opposites. The friends on either side of yellow are yellow-green  and yellow-orange. 

Here I show common opposites that we see at Christmas time, red and green. In this case the friends invited to this party are yellow-green and blue-green.

Now for fabrics from my stash that are not a part of sets. Again using the red and green combination.

The blue-green looks bluer in the picture than it is, but I am still not sure what I think about using it in a quilt. 

This exercise is making me stretch in my ideas about color combinations.

In what ways are you being stretched?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie