A Four Year Old, a Snake and a Sleeping Bag

You just have to love young children who want to sew. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Noah, who is 4, tried negotiating with me on when we would sew. He had it in his head his snake needed a sleeping bag. This is a different snake than the one we made a blanket for over here. Bottom line, he wanted to sew, and sew we did.

His sister was also clamoring to sew but a snack in hand kept her happy though she was quite interested in what Noah was doing. Her project is another story.

I have fabric they are allowed to choose from and Noah wanted blue and green for his sleeping bag. I really didn’t know how long Noah would stay interested as the last time, he was ready to be done well before the sewing was complete.

First thing I did was draw lines for him to cut:

Grace was kept busy with a snack and she was content to watch:


While Noah wasn’t looking, I cut a new piece along with the blue fabric. This was enough cutting for one day.

He did much better this time and was very focused.

Notice his audience in the bottom right corner:

Turning it right side out:


Don’t worry mom, I had both my hands on his so he wouldn’t make any quick movements and get hurt. 🙂


For the quilting he got to choose where he wanted to start on each edge and sewed until we got to the opposite edge.

Here is the result before sewing into a sleeping bag:

Trying it on for size:

Noah, was it worth waiting to make?

Love you buddy. Grandma

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • How many snakes are there? I love it. My older grandson loved to “make.” His mom and I did different projects with him. Last year, 6th grade, his gt teacher started a quilt project with the class. He was so jazzed. Then, machine problems, and she declined offer of DD’s, so it fizzled. Thank you for sharing your lovely sewing experiences with us. Diane

  • Sandi Colwell

    That is just so sweet. Love the sleeping bag and how cute your grandchildren are! I especially like that you made it into the photos with them ( can you tell I scrapbook?).

  • Jaye

    Really GREAT! I love it that you made the thing in which he was interested.

  • landscapelady

    Simply precious