Christmas in October

This is strictly a personal post, no sewing/quilting involved, but as much as I love quilting my family is first.

DH and I recently met up in St. Louis , MO with 2 of our children and 6 of the grandchildren  We did this last year and had a great time. My youngest daughter and family are unable to travel at Christmas time so it is a fun way to have as many of us together as possible. It also provided gift-giving/shopping time for the little ones.

Much to my surprise, while visiting the shops in Historic St. Charles with my daughter and daughter-in-law, they were busy with their own shopping and Christmas surprises.

One shop we stopped is full of ornaments and holiday decorations. There was one tree decorated with the cutest snowmen, which I collect. I said many times to myself, “walk away Jackie, you have enough, walk away.” I did walk away but I sure loved those snowmen. My girls also the same tree and while I was out getting fresh air they were busy picking out ornaments.

Aren’t they just too cute! Love Love Love these. What makes them more special is how they picked the snowmen to reflect the personalities of each child.

Camden is 8 and the oldest of 4 boys, this says it all:
“Listen to your Mom”

Colson is 6, his look and smile tugs at everyone:
“Get Jingly with me”

Caiden is 4 and knows how to charm:
“Totally innocent”

Christian is 2 and waves and says hi every time he see you:
“Friend me”

Noah is 4 and one minute….
“Saint or sinner”

Grace is 2 almost 3 and she loves the glitter and frills:
“Hollywood Baby”

 Love them all to death. I can’t wait to display these.
Oh and they each decorated their own bags as well as golf balls for Grandpa

 Do you have little people in your life that make you smile?

Enjoy the journey, Jackie

  • Sandi Colwell

    Those are sooooo adorable! I love the facial expressions. I like the Christmas in October idea too! You are blessed with all those cuties in your life. Enjoy the ornaments!

  • landscapelady

    You must be bursting with joy having such a wonderful family! So very lucky and the cutest most unique finds – just fabulous!

  • These are so sweet, so special. It was very thoughtful of your daughter and daughter in law. Thank you for sharing you family. Diane. Still sniffling here